Surveillance and security electronics experts
Gedion has considerable experience developing and manufacturing equipment for collecting and protecting sensitive information. The key areas of our activity are covert audio surveillance and location tracking.

International team of seasoned engineers and tight co-operation with governmental law enforcement agencies allows us to introduce new solutions with some truly unique features.
Our audio surveillance product portfolio includes ultra-small, ultra-thin and ultra-low power audio recorders with lots of features, including radio and Wi-Fi remote controlled operation.
We develop a full range of positioning systems, including server solutions and tracking devices based on GNSS, CellID and even WPS with data communication carried via 2G and 3G mobile networks.
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Miniature voice recorder

For covert audio surveillance we developed a  voice recorder with a size of about one euro coin. Despite it's tiny size and low power consumption it is characterized by high quality sound recording, expanded operational voltage range and  wide choice of settings. The sound is captured with 12 bit resolution at sampling frequencies from 5 to 48 kHz and saved to a microSD  card (up to 128 GB) uncompressed or with 4bit ADPCM  compression.

To save the energy and memory space voice recorder supports Voice Activation System and time scheduled recording. The recordings can be protected from unauthorized listening with AES 256 encryption. 

Wi-Fi store and forward

For long term audio surveillance we can offer Wi-Fi store and forward solution. Audio can be live streamed or recorded to a MicroSD card and then uploaded via WiFi using FTP protocol. This makes the setup of the device very simple. 

WiFi transmitter can be confgured to be on only at specific times according to a schedule, making it almost impossible to be discovered by radio detection means. Sophisticated voice compression (Vorbis Ogg) allows to upload 1 hour of audio in just about 14 seconds. 


Credit card shaped voice recorder

An ultrathin, just 1.5 mm, voice recorder with of a footprint and a chip plate of a regular credit card. Every card can be printed with client provided design and disguised as a bank card, ID card, etc. 

Besides its unique body credit card voice recorder has outstanding characterestics with audio resolution up to 24 bit at sampling frequencies 8/16/24 kHz, less than 4mA consumption and max recording time above 150 hours.